Welcome Home

Come join us as we study the Book of Hebrews!  We will journey through the writers argument that “Jesus is Greater” than anything that the Old Covenant could give.  Likewise, Jesus has paid a higher price and has become a greater sacrifice to provide a greater covenant!  It is a new and living way opened by His body on a tree.  

We would love for you to join us in person on Sunday mornings at 10:30am.  However, if you can’t be with us just tap the picture and you can join us online!  

It’s been a long and challenging year!  For the first time in over a year we are planning to gather as a church and community to celebrate all that God has brought us through and what He is leading us into.  We invite all of our friends and community to join us on May 23rd for a great time of fellowship and fun….and of course food.   We encourage you to join us for Bible study at 9am and for Worship at 10:30am, then we will meet outside for lunch.  Our men will be preparing hamburgers and hotdogs, our Hospitality team will be handing out free t-shirts and the kids will have free reign on the baseball fields!  Come join us for a great day of celebration.